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Serpent Knot
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Serpent Knot - SOLD

8 in height X 8" in width

Found on engraved shell from the Spiro Mounds in Oklahoma. The painting is acrylic paint on artist board and is framed under glass. The knot formed by the entwined serpents is called a double carrack-bend and is represented in other forms in many other ancient cultures. For juried competition the actual painting is 4 x 4 and is classified as a miniature. The actual framed size is 8 in height by 8 in diameter.

Serpent Knot has won one major award in juried competition:

It won a 3rd Place Award in the Miniatures Category at the 2006 Five Tribes Fine Arts Festival at the Five Civilized Tribes Museum in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Price: $200

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